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Need Dental Crowns? We Make it Convenient!

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There is nothing like having a toothache. When your mouth hurts it makes it impossible to eat very much. Your tooth throbs and it is hard to ignore the pain. You likely will get a headache that will make it hard to get things done that you need to get done. Sure, you can take some medicine to help with the symptoms of the toothache, but what you really need is to see a dentist and get to the bottom of the problem. You might need a crown to help fix your tooth and to take away the pain. Crowns can seem pretty overwhelming, so you might be tempted to put off seeing a dentist, but in the long run you will be happy you saw a dentist and had the problem taken care of.

Need Dental Crowns? We Make it Convenient!

Crowns make a lot of people nervous because they are not familiar with the procedure. To make yourself feel more at ease, have your dentist explain the process to you so you know what is going to happen. You can ask questions if you have any that come up. If you have a lot of anxiety when it comes to dental procedures, you can always ask for nitrous oxide to help you relax. Offices also offer many different resources to help you relax like listening to music or watching a movie to help keep your mind off of the procedure.

When it comes to crowns, at Dental Oasis of Clayton we do everything we can to make getting a crown a good experience for you. We have special CEREC technology in our office that allows us to take digital impressions and make your crown the same day. You will not have to get a temporary crown and come back later to get your permanent one put on.