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Oh No, I Have a Chipped Tooth! What Should I Do?

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Uh oh. You bit down on a hard piece of candy and felt something crack. Running your tongue across your teeth, you discover one tooth’s smooth enamel is now interrupted by a sharp edge. The questions start flooding your brain: Can my chipped tooth be fixed or will I need an implant? Is the nerve damaged? Am I looking at a root canal?

Oh No, I Have a Chipped Tooth! What Should I Do?

Don’t panic just yet! Take a deep breath, and then take action by following these steps:

  • Rinse Out Your Mouth. Rinse your mouth with warm water to remove any debris. But don’t vigorously swish – you don’t want to swallow or displace any fractured parts. Gently rinse near the area instead.
  • If There’s Bleeding, Control It. If the chipped tooth’s shard cut your gums, tongue, or inner cheek on its way out, place light pressure on the affected area with a clean piece of gauze until the bleeding stops. Proper blood clotting is crucial for beginning the healing process.
  • Schedule an Urgent Dental Appointment. Call your dentist right away and explain your chipped tooth situation. At Dental Oasis of Clayton, we will have you come in as soon as possible for an exam. Try to locate any broken fragments and bring them to the appointment. There’s a slight chance that we may be able to reattach them during restoration work. During the visit, we’ll assess damage severity and discuss repair options with you.

Depending on factors like size, location and pulp exposure, fixes for a chipped tooth range from smoothing sharp edges to same-day crowns for significant loss of structure. But in many cases, the tooth can be restored through simple bonding. Regardless, taking immediate action lessens the likelihood of continued damage or complications like infections needing root canals.

With the right care from your dentist, your chiseled chomper will be looking shiny and smooth again in no time! Book a dental appointment with us today, and we’ll restore your flawless smile ASAP.