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What Does Getting a CEREC Dentist Mean to Me as a Patient?

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What does choosing a CEREC dentist mean to you as a patient? Most importantly, it is modern technology that could mean getting same-day crowns or bridges. And that says a lot already. We are also a luxury dentist who specializes in reducing patient anxiety and emphasizes a non-traditional, spa-like environment.

 choosing a CEREC dentist

CEREC is a technology that makes digital impressions of your teeth. Remember the last time you needed an impression of your teeth and they stuck the enormous-feeling metal dish with a handle into your mouth, filled with paste. Then you may sit there awhile (which feels much longer than it actually is while it sets up). If it doesn’t come out of your mouth just right, then you might have to repeat this all over again. It’s a fairly memorable experience for those who have had it: Reasonably painless (unless you have a really small mouth), but not necessarily pleasant.

This discomfort is nothing compared to the inconvenience of having to wear a temporary crown for awhile and then come back in to the office for a second visit to re-fit the correct crown onto your tooth. For those with anxiety related to dental work, this repetitive visit and drawn out process can add to the anxiety of the dental work. If you want to miss less work and don’t want to have the extended period of stress related to traditional methods of impressions and crown replacement, then you are probably looking for this new technology offered by a CEREC dentist. Here at Dental Oasis of Clayton, we are proud to offer this advanced technology to our patients. The CEREC machine allows us the advantage of milling many crowns and bridges in a same-day service. Many patients have chosen us for their dentist because they value this service. The technology requires an= significant investment on the part of the dental practice, so you won’t find it everywhere. If this is what you are looking for in your next dental experience, please come to us here at Dental Oasis of Clayton as your local luxury dentist.