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Dental Implants, Clayton, NC

Even if you take good care of your teeth, there are still occasions when you might need to have a tooth pulled. Whether it was an accident that knocked out your tooth, an injury, or if your tooth has had one too many root canals, a procedure is available that can replace your missing tooth with a false one– permanently! Dental implants are surgically placed directly within the jaw bone of a patient and can be restored with a crown; therefore, they can be brushed, flossed, and treated like any other tooth. This is exciting news for people who have dealt with ill-fitting bridges or partial dentures.

Dental Implants in Clayton, North Carolina

The implant process can be an extensive one, but many if not all of our Clayton, North Carolina patients prefer the temporary disruption to the constant frustration of removable dentures. With dental implants, a small hole is made in the jaw bone, and a surgical post is implanted. There is usually some healing time after this procedure for the post to intergrate with the bone. Once that is complete, a false tooth can be bonded or screwed into the metal post.

Dental implants are the next best thing to your own teeth. You can talk, eat, drink, and smile just as you would with your own, without fear of shifting or damaging your implant. If you have questions about dental implants or would like to know if implants are the right choice for you, contact us at Dental Oasis of Clayton. We can help you determine your best course of action going forward.

At Dental Oasis of Clayton, we provide dental implants for patients from Clayton, Garner, Smithfield, Cary, Morrisville, and Johnston County, North Carolina.