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Dental Sealant, Clayton, NC

We want to help you protect your teeth from cavities with dental sealants.

If you’re someone who worries about cavities, either for yourself or for your children, you may wonder if there’s anything you can do to help prevent them. Of course, practicing good oral hygiene is essential, but is there anything more you could do? The answer is yes! Dental sealants are a preventative dental procedure designed to protect your teeth from cavities and decay.

Dental Sealant in Clayton, North Carolina

While sealants are most common for children and young adults who are more prone to developing cavities in the deep grooves of their back teeth, adults can also benefit from having dental sealants applied, especially if they have deep grooves on their molars or have a history of cavities.

Because our back teeth have such deep pits and grooves, it’s easy for food particles and bacteria to get trapped in them. Dental sealants provide an excellent barrier that smooths out the surface of your teeth. This makes them easier to clean and reduces the risk of cavities forming.

The process of applying a dental sealant is simple and painless. Your dentist will start by cleaning and drying your back teeth, and they may apply a solution to roughen their surface, which helps the dental sealant bond to your teeth. The sealant is then painted onto your teeth and hardened with a curing light to ensure it is fully bonded. Dental sealants are typically made from clear or tooth-colored resin, which means they are virtually undetectable once they are applied.

At Dental Oasis of Clayton, we proudly provide dental sealants for our Clayton, North Carolina patients, and we would be happy to talk with you about whether they’re a good option for you. We specialize in patients who experience anxiety about going to the dentist, and our office is designed to be as relaxing and inviting as possible. Reach out today to learn more or inquire about scheduling an appointment.

At Dental Oasis of Clayton, we provide dental sealants for patients from Clayton, Garner, Smithfield, Cary, Morrisville, and Johnston County, North Carolina.