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3 Ways to Prevent a Root Canal Before it’s too Late

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If you have ever experienced tooth pain, you know it can be extremely debilitating. Often, this pain is caused by an inflamed or infected tissue in what is called the “pulp” of your tooth. If this issue cannot be fixed by a simple filling, then a root canal procedure might be needed. This procedure involves removing the compromised pulp, cleaning the infected area, and filling it to protect the tooth. Though root canals are very effective, it is better to prevent your teeth from needing them. Here are a few ways to help prevent a root canal:

1-   Good Oral Hygiene. You’ve heard it a thousand times and you’re about to hear it again. Brush at least twice a day, floss at least once a day, and use an antiseptic mouth rinse to ensure a healthy smile. Root canals are often needed when there have been repeated dental procedures in the same area, so pay special attention to areas that may have been worked on in the past.

root canal procedure might be needed

2-   Wear a Mouthguard. Whether you grind your teeth in your sleep or play contact sports, a mouthguard can protect your teeth. If your teeth get fractured, then bacteria can creep inside the crevice and cause an infection in your pulp. A mouth guard can prevent those fractures from happening and help you avoid dental work.

3-   Don’t miss your dental checkups! Consistently showing up for your dental cleanings and checkups can make a big difference. With today’s technology, a dentist will be able to see a cavity or fractured tooth earlier than you might notice it. Catching any issues early can prevent the need for a root canal down the road.