General Dentistry, Clayton, NC

Our comprehensive general dentistry services will have you leaving with a great smile!

There are several procedures that fall under the classification of “general dentistry”. Here at Dental Oasis of Clayton, not only will you get the dental work you need, but you’ll also love our spa-like environment. It is our belief that having state-of-the-art equipment and exceptional services isn’t enough. If you don’t come because you experience too much anxiety, it wouldn’t matter how well we did our job. That is why we have endeavored to provide a comfortable and relaxing dental office that delivers the personal attention you deserve.

General Dentistry in Clayton, North Carolina

We wanted to be the oasis in a desert filled with chain offices that are a dime a dozen across North Carolina and the rest of the country. We won the “Neighborhood Favorite” award in Clayton, so we think our patients agree that we’ve accomplished that and more. Where else could you experience warm face cloths, neck wraps, nitrous oxide, blankets, pillows, and even Netflix and Pandora streaming? We believe that one visit will show you how unique we are in the general dentistry industry and your entire family will love how they are treated.

Family-friendly, individual treatment

Our general dentistry services include dental checkups, laser dentistry, tooth extractions, dental sealants, root canals, scaling and root planing, crowns, bridges, filings, fluoride treatments, and more. We are an in-network provider with most dental insurances and have an office membership plan for self-pay patients. We are also open early 3 days a week and late 2 evenings a week so you can fit an appointment into your busy schedule.

Don’t let your schedule, budget, or anxiety keep you from getting the general dentistry services you need to preserve or restore your smile. Call today to schedule your initial consultation.


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