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If You Have Anxiety About Needing Dental Work, Choose Us as Your Nitrous Oxide Dentist

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You may have never heard of a luxury dentist, and maybe not even “a nitrous oxide dentist,” but that’s exactly what we here at Dental Oasis of Clayton aim to be. We know that a lot of people (especially those with a history of needing dental work or having extreme tooth sensitivity) can experience extreme anxiety when needing to seek this critical care. Many people may put off having dental care for much longer than they should resulting in an even worse experience at the dentist or oral surgeon when they finally cannot stand the pain any longer.

Choose Us as Your Nitrous Oxide Dentist

If this sounds like you, then we would like you to know that we are a nitrous oxide dentist. We understand that you need dental care and that no one wants to deal with anxiety if they do not have to experience it. Please just let us know your needs when you schedule your appointments and when you arrive for treatment. Not only are we considered a nitrous oxide dentist, but we can help alleviate your anxiety in other ways. We provide options to you including Netflix, Hulu and other TV and movie streaming services to help occupy your mind during your visit.

As a nitrous oxide dentist and luxury dentist, we are also prepared to provide you with pillows and blankets, a neck wrap, or even stream your favorite relaxing Pandora station for you. This isn’t all. If there is anything else at all that you know of that we can reasonably do to ease your anxiety, please tell us. We want to be here to support you when you need a crown, implant, or any sort of dental service that makes you anxious. Please don’t delay. We aim to make everything about your appointment help you to feel better and restore your beautiful smile!