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Same-Day Crowns: Can They be Done?

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When you need a crown, it isn’t always the cost or the potential discomfort that are the biggest issues, but rather, the fact that a crown is a multi-step process. When you have a crown placed through traditional means, it will usually take anywhere between 2-4 appointments. One appointment to take an impression, and shape and grind down the tooth, another to place a temporary crown and another to place the crown permanently. When the appointments need to be split up like this, it means lots of time off of work, many different scheduling complications, and drawing out the anxiety and discomfort that many people feel at the dentist office. There is another way, however, to make this process simpler and equally effective for both dentist and patient: same-day crowns.

Same-Day Crowns: Can They be Done?

A good portion of the time that is taken up during a traditional crown process is because a crown needs to be fabricated that will match your former tooth and bite pattern. The impressions need to be sent away so that the crown can be made and then sent back. With a same-day crown, however, a skilled dentist can mill your crown right there in the office, using scans from a CEREC digital impression machine. Once the crown is milled by the machine, all that is left is the placement. No more multiple appointments or fussing with temporary crowns!

If you are looking for someone who can shorten your time in the dentist’s chair due to anxiety or a jam-packed schedule, we want to help you with our same-day crowns. To learn more about crowns and same-day crowns, contact us today at Dental Oasis of Clayton.