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Cosmetic Dentistry: The Basics

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One of the first things you notice about a person is their smile. Ideally, people notice your smile because of your beautiful, pearly white teeth and not because of yellow, crooked, or missing teeth. If you feel that your smile is not what you want it to be, cosmetic dentistry may be something you are interested in. If you do not know much about cosmetic dentistry, but are looking to learn more, check out the article below.

Cosmetic Dentistry: The Basics

First, let us cover the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures:

  • Custom Partial Dentures: If you have missing teeth, it can be hard to chew and eat. Additionally, missing teeth can make you self-conscious about your smile. Custom partial dentures are a great cosmetic dentistry procedure for missing teeth. A small denture is made only for where you are missing teeth, made to fit your mouth perfectly.
  • Custom Dentures: Dentures are a great solution if you have missing teeth or no teeth. Custom  dentures are tailored to fit your individual mouth. This cosmetic dentistry procedure takes a highly skilled and experienced dentist.
  • Tooth Bonding: A chipped, cracked, or yellowed tooth will definitely affect how you feel about your smile. If you are dealing with one of these issues, tooth bonding may be a great cosmetic dentistry procedure for you.  A tooth colored resin is applied to the tooth to fill in the chip or crack. This is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that is very affordable compared to other options.
  • Clear Aligner Treatment: If you are looking to fix crooked teeth, but do not want to suffer through braces, clear aligners like Invisalign are a great option. This method of teeth straightening is done with a series of custom-made trays that are easy to use and hardly noticeable.
  • Veneers: Veneers can solve just about any cosmetic dental issue and can be completely customizable to you.
  • Teeth Whitening: Of all of the cosmetic dentistry procedures, teeth whitening is the most common. Anyone’s smile will look better with white teeth.