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What You Can Expect When Getting a Crown

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It can be a little nerve racking when you find out that you need a crown. We are here to help make you feel informed, comfortable, and confident going into your crown appointment. Here is what you can expect during your crown appointment:

  • Your First Appointment – If you are not having a same-day crown put in, then you can expect to have two appointments. Your first appointment will feel a lot like getting a filling. You will most likely have an X-ray taken of the tooth. If the tooth is really bad, then a root canal may be performed. There will be no discomfort because you will receive Novocain. Your tooth will be filed down, a mold made of your tooth, and a temporary crown placed.

confident going into your crown appointment

  • Your Second Appointment – At your second appointment, the temporary crown will be, removed and your permanent crown will be placed. If the fit is a little off the dentist will make minor adjustments. The new crown will be placed and cemented for a permanent fit. Novocain isn’t usually needed but if any pain is felt, it can be used.

Getting a crown can sound like a big, scary procedure. This procedure is a common one that doesn’t need to be scary and never should be painful. Here at Dental Oasis of Clayton, we are very experienced in crowns and are confident that we can help you to stay comfortable and relaxed throughout both appointments. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.