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5 Causes of Yellow Teeth

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A beautiful white smile is a desirable trait for many adults. The best way to get a beautiful white smile is to prevent your teeth from yellowing. Yellow teeth can make you feel insecure, not wanting to smile, and embarrassed. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to help prevent getting yellow teeth. Some tips for preventing yellow teeth are:

1.   Diet- The food that you eat can stain or tint your teeth, making them look yellow. Food like dark curries and sauces can lead to yellow teeth as well as drinks like coffee and fizzy beverages.

2.   Thinning Enamel – The enamel on your teeth can start to thin over time due to chewing. When the enamel gets thin the underneath layer, called dentin, starts to show through. Dentin is a naturally yellow or brown color.

3.   Smoking – The tar in cigarettes will stain your teeth and leave you with yellow teeth. Chewing tobacco will also have the same effect on your teeth.

4.   Teeth Grinding – Grinding of teeth is a common stress relieving response. Doing this will weaken your teeth and aid in the yellowing of your teeth.

5.   Age – As you get older the dentin in your teeth starts to increase. This can cause you teeth to appear more and more yellow with age.

You are not able to control your age or thinning enamel over time, but you can control what you eat, drink, teeth grinding, and whether you smoke or not. If you would like to prevent your teeth from getting yellow, we recommend that you follow the tips above. If you need help with teeth grinding, or are already showing the signs of tobacco use, then feel free to give us a call at Dental Oasis of Clayton.