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The Benefits of Going Incognito with Invisalign

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Straight smiles no longer require a mouthful of metal announcing your teeth corrections to the world. Invisalign’s transparent and removable aligners incrementally improve your dental alignment without revealing too much about your ongoing orthodontic treatment.

The Benefits of Going Incognito with Invisalign

There are several benefits of choosing this treatment option to straighten your teeth alignment, including:

  • Greater Comfort. Unlike other straightening options, Invisalign aligners are smooth and comfortable. They are custom-made to fit your teeth perfectly and rarely cause irritation. As an added perk, you can remove them to eat, brush, and floss, which allows you to properly clean your teeth after meals.
  • Better Dental Hygiene. Invisalign makes it easier to maintain good oral hygiene. The removable aligners conveniently allow you to brush and floss as you normally would without obstructions. This helps prevent tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.
  • Fewer and Shorter Dental Visits. Additionally, you won’t need as many adjustments with Invisalign as you do with other options. On average, you’ll only need dental appointments every 6 weeks to check your progress and obtain new aligners.
  • Fix Various Dental Issues. Invisalign can fix more than just crooked teeth. It can also close gaps between teeth, fix overbites and underbites, and works well in conjunction with other dental solutions like veneers or implants. The aligners are versatile enough to resolve mild to moderate malocclusions for a beautiful, well-aligned smile.
  • Boost Your Confidence. An Invisalign smile looks great and natural. No one needs to know you’re straightening your teeth. The confidence boost and peace of mind from achieving the smile you’ve always desired can be life-changing.

What’s holding you back from the straight, beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of? Schedule an Invisalign consultation today with us today to discuss how we can get you started on this revolutionary treatment.