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Gum Problems to Discuss with Your Dentist

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Sometimes skipping a dental cleaning appointment can snowball into going several years without seeing a dentist. Your anxiety only amplifies when you also worry that you’ll be reprimanded for not getting in sooner or they’ll find many problems to resolve. The reality is that your dentist won’t do anything to make you feel more anxious than you already feel and will often go above and beyond to make sure your visit is as pleasant as possible. It is far better to head to your dentist if you are experiencing gum problems so that you can get back on track. Here are some gum problems that you should discuss with your dentist sooner rather than later, whether it has been years or just a few months since your last visit.

head to your dentist if you are experiencing gum problems

  • Bleeding- It is normal to experience bleeding once in a while when it results from brushing too hard, using a hard-bristled toothbrush, or not flossing often enough. If you begin noticing bleeding despite using a soft-bristled toothbrush and flossing daily, you should make an appointment with the dentist.
  • Swollen or Red Gums- If your gums do not look or feel normal to you, this is a sign of gingivitis. You might also notice some bleeding. Don’t be fooled into thinking that because you aren’t feeling any gum pain, you don’t have an issue that needs seen by a dentist.
  • Gum Pain- When gingivitis goes unresolved, it usually leads to periodontitis at some point because of the long-term infection that has been present. At this point, you could have damage to more than the gums, so it is imperative to see your dentist before you reach the next stage of loose teeth because the bones that support the teeth have become damaged.

The good news is that not all gum irritation is because of a major problem, as some medications and certain vitamin deficiencies can also be to blame. You won’t know for sure, however, unless you visit your dentist.

Here at Dental Oasis of Clayton, we are dedicated to making every patient feel as comfortable as possible. Even the most anxious patient finds our caring staff and relaxing environment to reduce anxiety, so regular visits aren’t of concern. Contact us if you suspect gum problems or it has been more than six months since your last dental visit. We are confident you’ll find us to be more anxiety-free than other dental offices you may have experienced in the past. Call today to schedule your visit with the dentist.