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Top Tips for Overcoming Dental Exam Anxiety

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For some, going to a dental exam is as nerve-racking as going to a haunted house! The dental exam anxiety kicks in, and all of the sudden the patient’s heart is pounding; they are sweating and showing other visible signs of panic. If this sounds like you, you may have a case of dental exam anxiety. In the article below, out team of experts has outlined the top tips on dealing with dental exam anxiety.

Top Tips for Overcoming Dental Exam Anxiety

First off, a common mistake those with dental exam anxiety is that they procrastinate scheduling their dental exam, or worse, skip scheduling their dental exam at all. Do not do his. There are a number of ways to deal with dental exam anxiety, but missing essential checkups and cleaning is not one of them.  Furthermore, if you skip your regular cleaning and up dental exams you are increasing your likelihood of having more serious dental work to fix bigger problems. Schedule your appointment today!

Next, we recommend finding a dentist who is focused on helping patients with dental exam anxiety.  If your dentist and their team know that you struggle with dental exam anxiety, they will be sure to take extra time and care with you at your appointment. Additionally, dentists who are focused on helping with dental exam anxiety will be able to offer laughing gas (nitrous oxide) or oral anxiolytic tablets.

If you have dental exam anxiety and are located in Johnston County, give us a call today at Dental Oasis of Clayton. We specialize in treating patients with dental exam anxiety.